Emergency Survival Blanket Review & Full Specifications

“Ozone Blanket Save Earth, ESB Blankets Save You” In this part of the century with increasing number of accidents and growing global temperature, it is necessary to improve the health conditions and also to safeguard the precious lives of people. One such step taken forward is the discovery of Emergency survival blankets.

Emergency Survival Blanket Review

Emergency Survival Blanket Review

This Emergency Survival Blanket is a moisture proof blanket which provides warmth and deflects heat in hot climate, providing compact emergency protection in all weather conditions, and is perfect for signaling rescuers in an emergency. This blanket is reusable, waterproof, moisture proof and is also windproof. This compact emergency blanket can be used as emergency shelter. It is suitable for people to overcome extreme weather conditions. And it is perfect for emergency situations to reduce heat loss caused by thermal radiations or water evaporation. It is true savior when you are out in wilderness.

It offers high quality first aid rescue. Also, it is lightweight, soft and also provides good tenacity. It can also be used as a stretcher. It offers various other features like/it can be used as:

1. Insulation: the emergency blanket makes a great insulator from the old

2. Signaling: these emergency blankets are usually made up in a silver or gold chrome-like finish. Their mirrored super reflective surface is helpful to bounce light off of to signal for help. When one is strung up on a tall object such as a tree, wind may cause it to move, creating a fluttering light reflection that may improve your chances of being detected.

3. Water gathering: since the emergency survival blanket is a large sheet of non-porous material, this blanket is great for catching and collecting water. If it rains, you can dig a hole in the ground and line it like a mini-swimming pool to collect water.

4. Heat reflection: since its melting temperature is high enough, it is relatively safe in close proximity to open fire. It can be used to reflect heat from campfires.

5. Medical: this blanket can be used to fashion a makeshift sling to help immobilize a broken or sprained arm or use it as a tourniquet in an extreme emergency. It can be used as a good resource for first aid. Also it is light and easy to carry just in a first aid kit. Use strips of it to tie sticks to a leg or arm create a splint for injured limbs. It can also act as a compression bandage if needed as well.

Since the blanket is completely waterproof, you can sufficiently wrap or shield from falling water. It helps to keep yourself and your stuff dry.

– It provides compact emergency protection in all weather conditions
– It retains / reflects back 90% of body heat
– It is made of durable insulating mylar material
– It is reusable, waterproof and windproof
– It is compact in size and is light weight
– It provides a perfect emergency signaling device
– It is available in different colors
– It is available at affordable prices

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